Around the clock…

Tic… Toc…

The clock is ticking. Each passing seconds gets my heart pounding. Each passing second and I lose myself a bit more in those clouds, in those thoughts, in the longing to fly away… away? No! Wrongly said! Simply fly! Open wings, fly. Soar above all, as the wind takes me … back to the good, up to the heavens…


Is there any such thing as “reality”? Do we really age? Do we actually gain or is it just a way to pretend that our posture and poise mark who we truly are inside?

Tic… Toc…

I no longer know, I can no longer control the liquid flow of inner vibration. With each tic a piece of me is taken away, with each toc a piece of the puzzle is set in the way.

My life, your life, who truly care? We are all up for the same crazy, rocky, inspiration ride…

From Phenomena by Shedlie P. Montfort


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