The “law”

You gain, you lose, you cry, you laugh, you suffer, you rejoice, you give, you take… again the back and forth game until the end.  “The law” they call it.  Why?  Who knows!  As an answer: everything has its opposite.  You must know both to make the balance otherwise you will never taste real happiness.  That is just a conclusion for it is what it seems.  Thankfully, there is always a way back to the good time even if it brings somewhat nostalgia. Enjoy life?  How? The same possibilities are not given to all, the same road is not taken by all, or should I say, it is but in a different way for each.

I feel such sadness deep inside

but I do not want it to show in my eyes

I try to deal with it personally

but it makes me feel oh! so lonely 

Thoughts!  That is what makes us humans and that is what also kills us.  Power of the thought… we always forget it.  Power of the heart… we ignore it.  Power of the soul… we neglect it.  All the given gifts inside of us long since forgotten, what else can then be left if not conflicts?

From Phenomena


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