Wake up call

My little get away is over and I am there asking myself more questions than I would think possible.

1) Dream VS reality. This is the number one hit on everybody’s list, as long as you are totally honest with yourself. Why is it that 98% of the time (and I am being super kind), what our imagination shows us as perfect is not even close to what our “open-eye-mind-blowing-tear-draining” reality bring up to us? No I am not frustrated, just barely stating a fact.

2) Sweet VS Harsh. Now dont get me wrong. I am only wondering if being “nice” is always the right thing to do for most of the time we end up putting ourself as the “second” while our own desires should be, ALWAYS number 1 top priority. Can we truly dare to blame anyone if we cannot touch the stars and walk on clouds? Nope! Sorry but nope! If you do not have the guts to put you as first, than why on earth would others.

3) My third point has no specifics really. I am just fighting this empty-hurting-drinchy feeling which is absolutely not matching what I should be experiencing right now.

(Sigh) Oh well! Guess that’s why it is called wake up call. Being slapped right up in the face by what is so not dreamy like.

Anyway! Until some happy note, enjoy your free ride in dreamy land.



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