The Sky’s cotton balls

Inspiration X 4


I love being in the clouds
Peaceful and quiet
Away from all
Even away from myself
Just above the clouds
Watching the world move below
No knowing their wereabouts
Not caring much either
Simply enjoying the beauty and simplicity of all
Watching the sun rise
Feel it clean not just my skin but my heart
Be slightly blinded by its light
And watch as it makes each tear shine

I love being in the clouds
Above all
Above my very own self
Forgetting for a moment
That i belong to madness
I think myself
A heavenly being
Been touched by the universe’s lips


Sleeping on clouds…
Forgetting one moment
Where i m from
Letting the dream take over
Sleeping in the sky’s arms…
Not worried about being dropped
Keeping my eyes
Fixated on the sun
Blocking all earthly sounds
Only hearring
The winds laughter
As i stretch my hand
Trying to feel it
Sleeping on clouds…
My soul smooten by cotton balls
Letting myself rest
In a ocean of softness
Sleeping on clouds…


My tear fell on a cloud
It bled
I was stunned
How can it be
It simply turned red
Right before my eyes
As if my burden
In that one tiny little drop
Had tore deeply
Into its core
I smiled
Still staring
It then turned orange
Seemingly connecting
Through that piece of me
The wind blew lighly
I felt my heart shiver
I closed my eyes
Enjoying the novelty of this bliss
Peace and serenity washed through me
As i reopened my eyes
My cloud had turned light gold
Full of shiny spots
An energy radiating from all parts
My tear fell on a cloud
I no longer felt lonely
If the sky can suffer with me
Why should i then
Be worry


God spoke to me
Yes you read that right
I didnt hear a voice
I didnt see smoke
God spoke to me
Through the clouds dancing before me
Through the rivers shining and sliding
Through the sky opening its arms
God smiled to me
Through the summit of the mountains
Through the wind kissing the tree leaves
Through the sun’s loving rays
God touched me
Through the tear rolling down my cheek
Through the words a beloved sent me
Through the eyes telling me i am loved
Yes He spoke to me!
Not from a distance!
Oh no!
But so closely
My heart skipped a bit
How could i have ever not notice?
“You are special” He said
Never forget nor fear
For I Am in you


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