Us Humans

Us humans are weird creatures meant to live in social ties, yet living as separated wolve packs. It is rather strange how we long for yet push our siblings away. It is as if we both wanted yet were afraid of our own aloneness.

Us humans tend to think ourselves so particular, so special that we forget the simplicity of life. We disregard the fact that the same tiny cells flow in our veins with so much similarity that one can barely differenciate us without taking a step back to take in our appearances.

Us humans, modern aliens, we gravitate around nonsenses, flashing our wealth as if it were the only piece of identification worth showing. We use our name, our clans, our packs as if they were keys to unsolved mysteries, keys to the famous wonderland in which Alice lost her way. And indeed we are! … Lost!

Us humans, mignature version of greater beings, yet so full of ourselves we outshine our essence. How unexpected can it thus be when, at lost of our soul, of our values, we go down the drain, to nothing-land


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