Is trust overrated

I woke up this morning with the weirdest thought. Is it that my brain is on fire? Or is it just that my heart has forgotten the meaning of peace? Or could it be that this world, as we had seen it in the most beautiful state of age is nothing more but a myth? All are behind closed doors, showing nothing more than masks hidding their true colors. If you wish to be considered worthy, then join the pretence dance! Dare to show feelings, or the forbitten vulnerability and you will find yourself crushed and pushed aside even by your very own kin.

Is trust truly overrated? Has it now turned to a way of life to always keep a knife in one hand while extending one filled with honey supplies enough to have an entire bee community dive in?

Is trust and all known as values truly overrated? Do I need to find the heinstein’s machin to turn myself into a monster or can I still dare make use of my humanity?

Have You proven that indeed trust is overrated? I wonder…


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