The New Found Society

How ironical

I was told lately that diplomas and dedication aren’t what actually take you to the top in the work field of the nowadays society. In order to succeed you must be willing to stoop low enough so to have your nose close to the ground; you must insure to have the right acquaintances in your agenda; no matter what it takes or how it will destroy you, you must find a way to be known by the “big” of this world, to do their biddings, to be at their total and full disposal, and what sounds even best, be also willing to stab them in the back should need be with the appropriate “bigger” party.

That got me in thinking mode for about a week, caused a huge depression and made me wonder why on earth my mother took so long to bring me up to a certain level of education, shape me with so many values, build my personality with so much knowledge of what is right, wrong and unacceptable, if all I need to do to be known, valued, recognized as the wonderful person and worker I am is to just “lick” whatever comes my way. I am not frustrated! Do not get me wrong. I am just… out of words!

If that’s what our society has fallen into and so deeply swimming in, then I will remain my unknown / shadowy / not-so-known-pitiful-self earning just enough to keep my head above ground and fighting hard enough to keep the true values and not the newly-stated-fast-way-to-get-up-the-ladder methods.

This is just my point of view. See it as you will.


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