Politically correct!

I have reached many crossroads in my short time on earth. Sometimes I was smart enough to make the right choices. At other times I would just wish I could go back in time with a huge eraser and take out some highly ridiculous decisions taken during highly distracted moments.

I have learned many things, some of which I wished I never knew. But most of which sums up to the person I am today. I have met all types of people who have helped forge me into who I am. I have put them by category, I am sure you can recognize a few

The first category holds
• Those who pretended to believe in a cause but were merely using those around them
• Those who thought their goals and status set them apart as a far superior beings but are in fact crumbling over their own insecurities
• Those who, momentarily blinded by the sight of gold, thought themselves smarter than the rest but in fact cut their most valuable resources
• Those who thought looks and social position were all that mattered but were still struggling to be accepted regardless of their apparent success
• Those who seemed to have it all but were to blind to see beyond their own circle
• Those who fed from others’ hopes, making them think their intentions noble just to crash them once their objectives met
• Those who showed up at specific moments, with the appropriate speech, but disappeared at a moment’s notice either their need met or the unexpected challenge too much for them to handle

The second, unfortunately harder to come by, has
• Those who were true to their nature and refused to change just to be part of the “select”
• Those who managed to keep one foot in reality while maintaining a firm hold on their dreams
• Those who loved unconditionnally (very rare specie)
• Those who fought the harshness of life, didnt let the fruit their efforts get to their heads and were genuinely open to lend a helping hand

And there is the third, suprising every part of me, leaving me in constant awe because those are the ones I never expected
• Those who came at a moment when darkness would have swallowed me. I didnt know them, they didnt know me, but our souls called out to each other
• Those who showed me the true meaning of selfless love and companionship by standing when I fell and keeping me going even with tiny baby steps
• Those who are guided by a deeper notion, guided by their heart, who refused to let go when all I wanted was giving up

My life is indeed full of treasures. Never more will I complain, for each crossroad holds a lesson, a tale, maybe a heartache, but surely a hidden blessing.


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