A little faith

Have you ever taken the time to observe a glass candle? It is well seated in a glass frame only waiting to be used, all cleaned and pretty. When you first light it, it shines bright as ever and you are all joyful and at awe at its prettiness, forgetting all that is not that beautiful light shining right there in front of you. As time goes by, the candle starts melting, its liquid form starts filling in the glass and the flame starts fading. If you let it melt without keeping a close eye, it will be drowned in the melted wax… not necessarily by any fault of its own! A candle is meant to burn and die out right? That’s the logic. But if you keep watch, you will see when to take out the excess of melted wax and allow the candle to shine brighter longer, thus keeping it lit longer.

Same is true with our faith. When we first discover our spiritual self, we are all at awe at God’s Greatness, overwhelmed by His Power and Mightiness, so much that we think to ourselves that absolutely nothing will be able to pull us away from this light… As the years go by… health problems, financial problems, wrong encounters, self doubts, professional dilemna and so on… we then start losing sight of what truly matters, so lost in the daily drama… If we are not careful, we lose faith all together, sometimes by our own volution or perhaps through the course of events knocking us down. Then we reach a point where we either die out to life, or come back to life. Just like a lit candle properly settled in a glass.

God speaks to us in so many ways… small signs, big signs… warnings, happy thoughts… extraordinary occurences, tiny little things… everything and anything can be an occasion for Him to reach out. Yet same is unfortunately true for temptations… so I have lost my ways many times after witnessing first hand how extremely extraordinary and present and alive God is! Yet He never got tired of me, always finding ways to take out the excess of melted wax from my glass. He took me out of so so many wrong situations that as human, hadnt I been comforted in the thought that I am part of Him, I would have been so ashamed of daring to even think His Name. There came many critical points when my light could have died out, not because He wasnt watching, but because I was ridiculously stubborn and too full of pride in my own weaknesses. Yet He still patiently waited The moment and saved me.

Being shot, losing all my blood, seeing death and being brought back to life does in no way guaranty I wont act stupid again. But it allowed me to know for sure, despite my human fears, that God IS Real and Present and Love and Patience and Truth and Always watching, always adjusting our life so whatever tiny goods He had inspired us to do overweights the mountain of madness we have done. This is an extraordinary miracle! Knowing that He doesnt even judge us, but simply allows us to pay the consequences of our wrong doings, not alone, but With Him at our side all the time. Isnt that absolutely wonderful? All we need to do is awknowldge Him and ask for help and guidance.

And when our external light finally dies out, not prisoner of glass and wax, but simply because our candle has reached its end, we Know He will be there to take our internal light Home. And that is the greatest reassurance ever!