Hey Captain! Your boat awaits!

What worked for someone else will not necessarily work for you. Accept your path for what it is. Learn from every situation, even missed opportunities (no matter how hard it may be to face that), but dont lose yourself in hurting for not being like someone else. We each have a destiny. We will cross path with others and these are growth occasions. Do not get so stuck on the “why cant i”, and the “how can he/she”, and the “why not me”. These are blockers and oh so tempting!

We are boats floating on the open sea that is called Life. Winds and rains and unexpected matters, both big and small, will push us in different directions. In order to survive the storm, you cannot focus on copying another. You will drown. In order to survive, you need to learn from all, yet still know what your own boat is all about, what lessons to apply and what will enable you to face your own winds and challenges. You are You. Stop trying to act like everyone else.


One thought on “Hey Captain! Your boat awaits!

  1. Jimps Jerome says:

    God gives each of us a capacity to absorb, manage and do things. Our fingers are not at the same length. Don’t be jealous at someone because that person is doing good in life; you can take it as a model to build your dream and not trying to follow as each of us as our own path as the Author Shed mentioned. Smile with life and it will smile back at you!

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