The world has gotten its wires crossed. We value what shouldn’t be and devalue what actually is important. Man created money as means of exchange. Yet man has put his faith in money and became its slave. We have reached a point where we value titles and not personality. Possessions and not integrity. Social standards and not family. External countenance but not inner peace.

What actually has gone wrong? Where did we go wrong? How did we end up on the wrong side of the road? When we look back, a couple of years back, yes these matters still existed, but they were not considered the norm! Nowadays, what should be normal is viewed as closed minded and the absurd behaviors are worshipped right in the open.

I wonder… How far can we go before the crash? How far will we go before someone actually hits the break and puts a stop to the madness? How far will go before the insane mind forces the simple mind into hiding? How far can we actually go before the world busts to flame and implodes on its own wickedness?


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