I choose Me!

In my younger years, I was  told writing was a waste. I was told I would never make it. I was told my style, my words, my thoughts… all of me was worthless. I CHOOSE to use that as a dare and years later, that same voice is now silent, chocked by how far I have gone.

I haven’t reached my goals yet, but I sure am enjoying every step of the way. I believed in my dream. I am reaching for MY stars! DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

(Books) http://www.amazon.com/Shedlie-Montfort/e/B0070MELBU

(Agendas and Journals) https://www.amazon.com/ShedMontfort-Writing/e/B01LY8Y1JH

Now the question is: do you truly believe in yours? How badly do you want it? How far are you willing to go?

I am only human! I have known many downhill times during which Heart & Soul were clashing; during which my entire existence seemed so Peculiar; times when Ironie & Sarcasme seemed to swallow all. But in the end I held on! Not due to my own strength… I held on, my essence remaining strong no matter what came my way. I Am who I was meant to be!


2 thoughts on “I choose Me!

  1. Roosevelt says:

    Always a pleasure to read you. What you write matters. At least for me. Thank you for investing your time in something that matters. Thank you for making a difference.

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