Do you sometimes feel like you are missing out on everything? I often do.
Do you sometimes feel like you are just on the side line while all around you are having a blast being under the spot light and “shining like diamonds”? I often do too.
Do you also sometimes feel that you are special, simply not meant for the flashy outer appearance, but meant for deeply felt tremors that only genuine souls can feel, no matter how hidden and unknown and under the radar your life may seem?… yeah… I know that feeling too!
You dont have to be like everyone to actually “be” someone. You are special, beautiful, loved, cherished just for those who should and by those whose life would miss a star without you in there. Keep that in mind!
You are someone’s sunshine, someone’s ray of light in a dark day. Never doubt your value. Never limit it by only what you can see, for even in your simplicity, even at your worst moment, you are Extraordinary!

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