Life is a puzzle with so many pieces that it takes years to fully understand the whole picture. Each of us is a tiny piece. Yet we are so obsessed with fighting our “way out” that we forget to build our “way in”.

You are a piece of that puzzle called life. It may take days, months, or even years for you to find your right place. Do not ever settle for a spot that simply seems right just because you want to fit in. Do not lose your integrity just to be accepted by the “clan”. Remain genuine, no matter the time and place. Protect your soul no matter who comes up against you. Remember! If they come up to fight you, it is because they see in you what they can never be. Do not allow them to turn you into what you are not. If you do not fit, don’t force it. Carry-on! Your true space is somewhere along the way. Set your heart and you will find it.


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