That ride called love!

When you are young and think about love, you picture this big cloud taking you high up in the sky where nothing can possibly touch you and pull you back down… As you grow and gain a certain “life wisdom” you realize that love is anything and everything BUT that!

Love is your emotions going haywire while you are still unable of breaking that bridge. Love is getting pissed off so badly your gut hurts, yet you cannot/will not hurt that other person because you know that by doing so you would hurt no one else but yourself in the process. Love is having your reason (your brain) and your emotions (your heart) totally and inexplicably at war because you know (yes you DO) that no matter how much you try to convince yourself otherwise, you know when you are in the wrong and what is hidden (or at least what you are trying to hide) behind the surface. Love is watching your dreams crumble as the years go by simply because you have put someone else’s wellbeing before yours (you may or may not regret it in the long run) and only you know just why you had made that sacrifice. Love is wanting to strangle, beat-up, and car-crash that other person, but hey! You are not a criminal and you are far too deep in your empathy towards the other to actual act upon your desire for madness. Love is accepting the unacceptable (according to your standards and needs), love is putting (exactly) those needs on a lesser level just to be there for the other person.

As you have realized, this is not a lovey-dovey type of text. It’s the downright, crude, raw, undiluted truth about what “love” is all about regardless of the type of “love” we are referring to. It isn’t all roses and sunshine. It isn’t all pink and red and hearts and kisses. It’s the dark sky, heavy rain, mudded routes, shadowed hallways, sleepless cycles, hair-pulling moments… and we could go on and on.

Do not lie to yourself! Be honest! Sit and BE HONEST. You have gone through those days you would give just about anything to have the power to push the other down a 10-story building then resurrect him/her and wash his/her memory just so you would feel better…. Good news is, that’s normal!!! You are human!

So now, after you are done thinking me either right, crazy, sarcastic or downright funny, take some time and BREATHE! The ride is never stable… Breathe and carry on my friend! Good luck and “may the force be with you.”


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