We each were born into this life with our dreams, our aspirations. We each wanted to do things, achieve things, build things. We each wanted to be known, recognized for our greatness, loved, cared for, cherished. Some of use wanted to be popular, wanted their faces on build boards, their names on all lips. Some of us wanted the intimacy of being anonymous in their good deeds, the joy of bringing hope, the thrill of putting a new life back on track…

Yet one day, we all wake up and wonder why? What is the point of any of this? What is the use of fighting if a life can be destroyed over nonsense, with no explanation, no warning, no shame? What’s the point if out of the blue, a lunatic can shatter a network simply by aiming someone out of hate, fear, madness or simply because the job was paid for?

Some people say this and that country is the issue. Some others, this and that group is the issue. More others, this and that ethnic crowd is the issue. Some take to guns, some take to demonstrations, some take to riots, some take to hiding. All and all, all are motivated by fear, hatred, anger. Is that what will save us and make the change?

I have come now to wonder, what actually can save us and make the change? Some say religion, some say new government, some say leave the country, some just remain numb. I am out of words, once more in less than 2 weeks. I am out of words and lost in translation.

Do I need to still try and be a better person? Or should I just follow the herd, become inhuman till the day I die?



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