Important: adjective

  • of great significance or value.
  • (of a person) having high rank or status.
  • (of an artist or artistic work) significantly original and influential.

You are important … meaning you hold a certain value, you are an asset to whatever advantage that is sought

You are important to me… meaning you play a key role in my life, you are among the whats and the whos I need to make my life complete

How many times have we used these words simply to tie someone down, make them believe in a seemingly important status, only to trash them aside when their role is no longer required? We make plans, we set goals, we work towards our dreams… yet we forget the impact these important facts have on the ones we supposedly gave a certain status of “importance”. We drop the bombs out of the blue, as if, as light as a feather, they will not shatter the balance of those oh so valuable someones we pretend to care about.

This is an introspection which is meant to force you to reach out or should I say, reach in yourself for that part where lies the key to your life, the key to your very being, the core of what makes you YOU. This is an introspection not meant to be fully understood by all, yet seeking to force all to SEE. Your words, actings, silences,… the whole package that makes you the one you are, that entire set can bring up a soul or completely crash a life…

Don’t give out titles if you don’t mean to act upon them. Don’t say words just for the sake of saying them. You don’t know how deep the prints go…


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